Rooms & Suites

Prepare to experience a stay or short stay that will whisk you off, on an adventure full of romance and expectations. We offer three room types, hoping to satisfy a wide range of preferences.

The tastefully decorated rooms and suites of Alfa Hotel are characterised by comfort and atmospheric lighting, are all air-conditioned, have luxurious fabrics, a hairdryer, a radio and TV while some feature waterbeds for extra comfort, as well as some additional amenities. Furthermore, we provide the option for cable TV in all rooms, allowing you to combine watching your favorite sport while relaxing. Whichever room you choose for your short stay, expect to be wrapped in a soothing aura of romance and pleasure.


If you are looking for a sense of discreet luxury accompanied by superior hospitality in a warm and trustful space, the Suites of Alfa Hotel are the best choice.

Pole Dancing Room

An extra dose of … sensuality awaits you in our Pole Dancing Room, promising to immerse you into a nirvana of eroticism and wellness.